Financial and technical audit

When a developer, bank or investor sees a complete and open financial and technical picture of the construction, they are confident in the project and make balanced and reasoned investment decisions.
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Audit allows:

detect misuse of funds;
assess the compliance of actual and expenditures according to the design and estimate documentation;
minimize financial risks;
evaluate the validity of materials at the price specified in the cost estimate;
ensure that the construction progress complies with the current construction GOSTs and construction rules and regulations;
work within the limits of the law in terms of documentation and actual performance of construction and assembling operations.
There are two types of audit: financial and technical audit (FTA) and financial and technical monitoring (FTM).

FTA - one-time expert examination of the facility under construction for the purpose of objective evaluation of current project indicators. This is necessary in order to promptly identify shortcomings and take corrective measures, technically, administratively and financially. A one-time expert review helps identify project risks and neutralize them. It may be carried out both during construction and upon completion of construction.

When FTA is needed:

When purchasing incomplete construction;
In case of disputes between the developer, contractor or investor;
In case of having limited experience in the field of construction, when you need professional assessment and practical recommendations from the outside.
FTM is complex control over the construction object for a long period of time, which helps to evaluate the construction process in dynamics. This allows getting a complete, transparent picture of the construction, where it is easier to identify incompetent contractors, assess financial risks, risks of delaying terms.

When FTM is needed:

If all parties are interested in reducing risks, increasing efficiency and implementing the project within the limits of the law;
If it is necessary to supervise the use of allocated funds, for example by the bank or investor;
If required to ensure maximum transparency and manageability of the construction process.
The complex of works within the framework of financial and technical audit is formed on the basis of project features and customer needs.
Cost estimation


Since 2015 we have been providing engineering services in the field of construction at large industrial and civil facilities in Russia.
We guarantee compliance of construction and assemble operations with legal and safety requirements which allows the developer to safely delegate some of his obligations.
We professionally and comprehensively approach to solving problems and take responsibility for our obligations.

Set of works on financial and technical audit:

Analysis of initial permissive documentation, as-built documentation and project documentation;
Monitoring the volume of work – completed and incomplete;
Assessment of economic feasibility of design solutions, if needed making suggestions for optimization;
Checking of compliance of used materials and equipment with design solutions;
Calculation of actual and comparison with planned costs;
Calculation of costs required to complete the work.


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