The formation and completion of as-built documentation

Any construction object is put into operation in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Criteria for quality assessment during acceptance include:

Compliance of the object with the approved design and estimate documentation, which guarantees the safety of construction during operation;
Compliance of construction and assemble operations and materials used with technical requirements;
Assessment of engineering infrastructure readiness;
Evaluation of planned and actual budget.
As-built documentation accompanies each stage of the construction works, allowing to confirm the compliance of the actually performed works with the planned ones.

As-built documentation consists of graphic and text materials and may include, but is not limited to:

As-built geodetic documentation;
As-built drawings of engineering networks running underground and inside the structure;
As-built schemes on constructions and elements of buildings and constructions;
General work log and special work log;
Test reports of utility networks;
Acceptance and testing certificates for building structures and materials;
Certificates of inspection of hidden works;
Certificates of verification tests of equipment and materials;
Documents confirming the quality of used equipment and materials;
Laboratory conclusions, if special tests were carried out.
Handover and acceptance of the construction object into operation is possible only if there is a complete set of as-built documentation. PERMTEKHSPETS LLC renders services in formation, restoration and completion of as-built documentation for any objects of construction.
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Cost estimation
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Our responsibilities include:

Timely maintenance of as-built documentation;
Formation and completion of the final package of as-built documentation;
Checking and acceptance of as-built documents by our Customer's Contractor;
Supplier relationship management of materials and equipment in terms of collecting documents confirming the quality of these materials and equipment;
Cameral works without access to the construction site;
Preparation of technical queries to the authors of the project for approval of non-compliance.


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