Inspection and acceptance of finished as-built documentation

Upon completion of construction, the real estate object can be put into operation only after acceptance by state acceptance commissions. Before that, the developer must independently check the compliance of the constructed object with the design and estimate documentation, the requirements of building codes and regulations of Russia, to assess the readiness of the facility for operation. PERMTEKHSPETS LLC may assume the responsibilities for receiving, checking and completing the final package of as-built documentation.

Our responsibilities include:

Checking, acceptance and archiving of as-built documentation from the building contractor for all types of work performed;
Timely maintenance and formation of the final package of as-built documentation;
Participation in production meetings at all levels and optimization of processes for preparing as-built documentation;
Written recording of oversight results;
Throughout the construction of the facility, check the compliance of the work performed with the design and estimate documentation and coordination of all deviations from the project in the provision of the service together with the construction control service.
If "PERMTEKHSPETS"LLC specialists are engaged in the formation and completion of as-built documentation from the beginning of the project to its completion, the formation of final reports for the State Commission becomes only a part of the routine work, not involving unnecessary nerves and urgent corrections. After all, when you keep all documentation in stages, according to the actual state of affairs, the result is predictable.
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Since 2015 we have been providing engineering services in the field of construction at large industrial and civil facilities in Russia.
We guarantee compliance of construction and assemble operations with legal and safety requirements which allows the developer to safely delegate some of his obligations.
We professionally and comprehensively approach to solving problems and take responsibility for our obligations.


Construction of Integrated Refinery "Gazpromneft-MNPZ"

The Amur Gas Processing Plant (GPP)

Construction of Simferopol Thermal power plant (TPP)

The Omsk oil refinery

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