Geodetic support of construction

Engineering and geodetic works are an integral part of the construction of a real estate object of any size and purpose. Geodetic support of the full cycle or at separate stages of construction of the object guarantees the quality and reliability of structures.
«esides, engineering and geodesic surveys are necessary for design, contracting and controlling organizations.
Engineering geodesy is the foundation of any construction.

Engineering geodesy is the foundation of any construction.

PERMTEKHSPETS LLC has been working in the field of engineering services in construction since 2015;
Our company has experience working with industrial objects of federal significance;
PERMTEKHSPETS LLC engineers use modern specialized equipment, which allows to control all stages of construction at the highest level.

During the geodetic support we perform the following types of works:

Creation and breakdown of the reference geodetic network on the site of future construction;
Mapping of excavation boundaries with subsequent control of excavation and calculation of the volume of earth masses;
Monitoring compliance with the parameters of building structures during installation of equipment and structures;
Monitoring of ongoing deformations and shrinkage of buildings and structures;
Survey of constructed elements, preparation of as-built documentation;
Cameral processing of geodesic surveys;
Formation of the final set of as-built geodetic documentation.
The construction process is quite multitasked and complicated, so the list of works can be supplemented, varied, and changed depending on the object.
When accompanying the construction of large structures, we ensure that our surveyors stay at the site at all times in 24/7 format, which allows us to promptly resolve any difficulties and adhere to the established deadlines.
Cost estimation
With mutual agreements for small and medium-sized construction projects it is possible to work on-site at the end of the next construction and installation stage.

Our goal is to allow you to fulfil your obligations to build efficiently in accordance with GOST, construction norms and regulations on time and within the budget.


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