Quality control of construction and assemble operations

Construction control (technical supervision) is a professionally organized system of measures necessary to ensure that the construction facility meets the requirements of safety, quality, within the established deadlines, strictly within the planned budget. PERMTEKHSPETS LLC carries out the construction control facilities of any purpose throughout Russia and abroad.
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Stages of organizing the control system

Receiving control:


Checking the working documentation package. Verification of passports, certificates confirming the quality of materials, structures and equipment used, their compliance with technical legal acts of the Russian Federation;
Checking of materials, equipment, structures for compliance with the requirements of the project and cost estimate. If considered necessary control tests are conducted;
Control over compliance with the rules of warehousing and storage of products;
Written recording of oversight results.

Operating control:


Evaluation of the degree of building site preparation, in particular, the geodetic control network;
The sequence and compliance of the work performed and the construction schedule are tracked;
Compliance of the performed works with design, organizational, technological and regulatory documentation;
Work to prevent occurrences of nonconformities;
Complete and timely documentation of work results at each construction stage.

Acceptance control


Upon completion of construction, the quality of construction and assemble operations is assessed. The decision on putting the building into operation is made. The report on detected violations is prepared and control over their timely elimination is monitored.
Quality control of construction works is carried out by qualified personnel of "PERMTEKHSPETS"LLC with the use of measuring instruments that meet the legal requirements and have been timely checked.
Cost estimation

High-quality construction and technical supervision will allow:

Build a construction facility that will fully comply with regulatory documents - the project, technical regulations of the Russian Federation, security rules. This will speed up and simplify the process of coordination with state supervision and control authorities;
Complete construction work within the specified time frame;
Stay within the planned budget estimates;
Avoid costly alterations in the future;
Minimize emergency situations at the construction site.


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