Non-destructive testing laboratory

Non-destructive inspection helps to assess the reliability of the construction object or its individual elements WITHOUT dismantling, WITHOUT removing the object from work, WITHOUT mechanical intervention. It is a safe and at the same time reliable method of assessment, which allows you to see with the help of specialized equipment what is hidden to the eye and promptly eliminate the shortcomings without irreversible consequences for the object.
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Non-destructive testing laboratory will allow:

Promptly collect information about the presence or absence of defects in the object of control, to control equipment and materials by non-destructive methods in the manufacture, construction, installation, repair, reconstruction, operation and technical diagnostics.
Measure the parameters of detected defects to determine the impact of defects on the strength of the object, on the ability of its safe operation.

Certification scope:

Boiler supervision objects
Pressure chamber
Lifting facilities
Metal mining industry objects
Oil and gas industry equipment
Metallurgical industry equipment
Equipment for explosive and chemically hazardous industries
Railway transport facilities
Buildings and facilities

Methods of non-destructive testing:

Acoustic emission
Penetrating substances
Visual and measuring
Most non-destructive testing procedures require special certification and permits. PERMTEKHSPETS LLC uses its own laboratory for non-destructive testing with the involvement of the best engineers of the company within the scope of control and support of construction and installation works.
Cost estimation
Testimonial of competence No.95А110196

Issued: by the independent certification body of the non-destructive testing laboratory on September 1, 2020.

The certificate is valid until September 1, 2023.


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